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Dress Code

During the intake meeting with the parent/guardian and student, the entire dresscode and rules will be reviewed. The following are just the dresscode basics:

4-Pocket dress khaki pants worn at the navel. Oversized/baggy pants, dickies or pants with holes/tears, hammer loops, oversized pockets, extra pockets, bell-bottoms, capris, shorts, skinny jeans, joggers, flared or boot cut hems, and logos are not allowed. Khaki jeans are NOT allowed.

A plain white shirt with a standard fold down collar. Shirt tails are to be tucked tightly into the pants at all times. Shirt may be short or long sleeve, button down or pull over. No more than one pocket on the shirt.

A plain brown or black belt. No decorative belt buckles.

Tennis shoes must be worn. Shoelaces must be white or black and laced and tied at all times. ONLY TENNIS SHOES.