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 Mission & Vision of Comal Discipline Center
The mission of Comal Discipline Center (CDC) is to help students modify their behavior and improve academic/social skills so they can achieve success in the regular school setting.  CDC uses a variety of techniques including close monitoring of behavior, intense teacher and computer assisted instruction, and personal behavior modification counseling to accomplish this mission.
We believe...
Every student is important
Every student can learn
Learning takes place in an orderly, structured, and caring environment
Every student is responsible for his/her learning and behavior
Every student can learn to behave appropriately
Some students need more time than others
Welcome to the Comal Discipline Center. We serve as the Comal Independent School District’s Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement (DAEP). We are here to continue the education process of students who are being removed from their home campus for various violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
We are committed to providing a safe, secure and orderly setting where learning, both academically and behaviorally, can occur. While we don’t always meet parents and students on their best day, we strive to help them see that the decision made or action taken was bad, not the student. Taking responsibility for our decisions and finding better ways to respond are topics that we work on daily.
During their time with us, we work to continue keeping the academic side on track by following the scope and sequence set by the district and taught by highly qualified and certified teachers. In addition, we work to provide students a chance to reflect and create a “tool kit” to use for better decision making upon their return to their home campus.
Should you ever have any questions, please call and let’s talk.
Thank you,
Lori Lehmberg